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Look, I made a fanmix! To honour the most twisted sibling relationship in the history of animated television!
Azula&Zuko, I love you.

Azula/Zuko fanmix
8 tracks ( + 3 bonus songs)
/no spoilers, incesty/

an Azula/Zuko fanmix

01. ANDREW BIRD – Fake Palindromes

and she's got red lipstick and a bright pair of shoes / she's got an old death kit she's been meaning to use / she's got blood in her eyes, in her eyes for you / she's got blood in her eyes for you / and she says / some lonely night we can get together / and i'm gonna tie your wrists with leather / and drill a tiny hole into your head


She’s sliding, she’s sliding / down to the depth of the world / She’s fighting, she’s fighting / the urge to make sand out of pearls / She’s hiding, she’s hiding / on a battleship of baggage and bones / There’s thunder, there’s lightning / and an avalanche of faces you know

Heaven can wait / and hell’s too far to go

03. TV ON THE RADIO – Lover’s Day

I wanna love you all the way off / I wanna break your back

Give me the keys to your hiding place / I'm not gonna tear it apart / I'm gonna keep you weak in the knees / Try to unlock your heart / You're gonna turn me animal / You're gonna turn me dumb / Your kiss in the night / Bringing the light / You're like the rising sun / I hunger for you like a cannibal / Not gonna let you run / I'm gonna take you / I'm gonna shake you / I'm gonna make you cum / Swear to God it'll get so hot / it'll melt our faces off / Then we can see / the you the me


Countin' bodies like sheep / To the rhythm of the war drums / go back to sleep / Pay no mind what other voices say / They don't care about you, like I do, (like I do) / Safe from pain, and truth, and choice, and other poison devils / See, they don't give a fuck about you, like I do / Just stay with me / safe and ignorant

I'll be the one to protect you from / Your enemies and all your demons / I'll be the one to protect you from / A will to survive and a voice of reason / Your enemies and your choices / They're one and the same / I must isolate you / Isolate and save you from yourself

05. THE CURE – Burn

"Don't look don't look" the shadows breathe / Whispering me away from you / "Don't wake at night to watch her sleep / You know that you will always lose / This trembling / Adored / Tousled bird mad girl... " / But every night I burn / Every night I fall again

"Oh don't talk of love" the shadows purr / Murmuring me away from you / "Don't talk of worlds that never were / The end is all that's ever true / There's nothing you can ever say / Nothing you can ever do... " / But every night I burn / Every night I fall again

06. NEW ORDER – Broken Promise

Oh I don't know why people lie / And I don't know why people die / Every time I see you, you shout at me / 'Cause of all the things in the world that I can't see / But what I think goes on in this world / For a mother and a father and a boy and a girl / There's a fire in life where we will burn

And I never could believe it /And I never could be true / For the things that mean so much to me / Don't mean that much to you / And I never could believe / The way you told me I was wrong / If I'm right and you are sinful / Then for God's sake I was wrong

Oh, I'd tear you out of heaven / And I'd tear you out of hell / And I'd see your life in ruins / Because mine lies there as well / And I'd cry out in my loneliness / While you sleep in your peace / But you'll never see my face again / While I need words like these

07. SHRIEKBACK – Faded Flowers

This is the sound of poisons / the sickness no one knows / No one is crying for us this time

These eyes are blind / This is a pure thing / These hands I kiss / Tragic as anything / These eyes are blind / This is a pure thing / All splash and hiss / Beyond my measuring / These faded flowers / Precious as memory / A veil of cloud / Correct as energy / We had some good machines / But they don't work no more

I loved you once / Don't love you anymore


Wait / They don’t love you like I love you

+ BONUS TRACKS, because words were just too awesome

09. FRANZ FERDINAND – I’m Your Villain

If I could laugh I'd love you / If I could smile at anything you said / We could be laughing lovers / I think you'd prefer to be miserable instead / If I could love I'd love you / If I could love like anybody else

I know what I am / and I'm your villain

10. BRMC – Spread Your Love

She spread her love like a big fire / I only saw it once / She gave me love like a sister / She's bad

11. YEAH YEAH YEAHS – Black Tongue

We’re gonna keep it in the family / yeah well, even though we’re on the run / you know you want some, want some / we’ll hide in the backroom, gonna have a packed suit / with this you will regret / just let it be your yeah yeah yeah

Boy, you just a stupid bitch / and girl, you just a no good dick

.ZIP (65 MB)

Also, check out this amazing fanmix by [livejournal.com profile] zimnyryb: fuck you anyway
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