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Eric and Godric made me do this! For which I am, of course, forever grateful. Hopefully the justice has been done and they will leave me alone now (no, please, never leave me). It was hard hard HARD work, so you better comment ;)

Graphics were made by wonderful [livejournal.com profile] le_mru, because she rocks and I suck. Thank you thank you and thank you!

Without much more introduction, I present you an Eric/Godric fanmix:

Massive Attack

downtime / God speed / everywhen / we concede / the sequence ends / and begins /
everything / you think you know / everything / you think you know / you think you know /
blood ties / blood ties /
the sequence ends

Nine Inch Nails
In This Twilight

watch the sun / as it crawls across a final time / and it feels like / like it was a friend
if its watching us / and the world we set on fire / do you wonder / if it feels the same?
and the sky is filled with light / can you see it? / all the black is really white / if you believe it
as the time is running out / let me take away your doubt / we can find a better place / in this twilight

Porcupine Tree
Lips Of Ashes

paralysed / lips of ashes / synchronised / blue vein crashes
touching you inside
idolised / black eyes fading / you and i / connection failing
I drill down inside

16 Horsepower
Poor Mouth

is anything as lovely to me / as the truth in love / i'll take it over freedom any day / it brings me ever an' this time to my knees / an' on my knees i run away
heard the voice of my master callin' me / from deep in the hollow / said that I must follow him there
my hands are yours my brother / you can take my coat as well
livin' from hand to poor mouth / you an' me an' my secret south

The Gutter Twins
God’s Children

all God's children take their passage into night / it's a feeling, best you hold on tight /
all God's children hold yourself up to the light / it's a free fall, I know
strange the way you seem suicidal / you don't live at all so why you cryin'? / come and play with me and feel desire / it's all in the dark, a walk through the fire

Peter Murphy
No Home Without Its Sire

break out the tomb / the selfmade womb / no faded flick / no grey desire / no body's sap and tire / no sorrows born / of lust's disguise / no home without its sire

Dead Can Dance
Anywhere Out Of The World

we scaled the face of reason / to find at least one sign / that could reveal the true dimensions / of life lest we forget
and maybe it's easier to withdraw from life / with all of it's misery and wretched lies / away from harm
in our vain pursuit of life for ones own end / will this crooked path ever cease to end

Fever Ray
Keep The Streets Empty For Me

memory comes when memory's old / i am never the first to know / following this stream up north / where do people like us float?
uncover our heads and reveal our souls / we were hungry before we were born


forgive what I have done / it means my soul's survival / i need you so, it's sin / put an end to my suffering
why am I so blind with my eyes wide open? / now I need someone / let this dark night be done
i wanna see a revival tonight / Lord, let there be a revival

The Twilight Singers
That’s Just How That Bird Sings

hear the one who sings / as darkness clouds the western sky / the one who sounds as though / he's weeping for his long lost lover
he's alone and sad / he betrays the bluest sounds / coming down / over the rooftops, into your dreams / that's just how that bird sings

David Sylvian
Midnight Sun

the darkness is frightening / and love is denied / they've stolen the moon / God only knows why / the stars have lost their daughter / the devil's thieves have won / and there in her place / a black midnight sun


Date: 2009-09-08 12:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dire.livejournal.com
thank you!

Date: 2009-09-09 12:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dire.livejournal.com
wow, i'm listening now and it's the best fanmix for goderic that i've heard yet. truly an amazing collection, not just for them, but in general. beautiful. thanks again.

Date: 2009-09-24 05:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] akzseinga.livejournal.com
Sorry it took me so long to answer. Your comment made me really happy, you know. I'm so glad that someone likes it so much. Thank you!



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